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Are You Tired Of Eating Rice? Here Are What You Should Do

A staple food for more than half of the world's population, rice is considered to be a need. It is well-known for being a good source of numerous vitamins such as riboflavin, niacin, and thiamin, all of which are beneficial to the body's overall health.

Simple meals such as plain white rice, jollof rice, and spaghetti are simple to get bored with. However, in this post, we will cover how to spice up your diet if you are weary of eating rice and want to try something new.

Are you tired of eating rice? Here are important and relevant things you should do:

1) You can include more fruits in your diet: fruits come in a variety of shapes, sizes, flavors, and health advantages.

2) Experiment with other meal types; don't limit yourself to only rice. Other combinations to try include: pap and akara, beans and plantain, beans and bread, moimoi, yam and egg, rice and vegetable, and many more.

3) You can experiment with different meal recipes, such as stir-fried jollof rice, basmati rice, and other types of spaghetti.

4) You can indulge in baked goods such as doughnuts, pies, cakes, and various confectioneries, among other things.

Consider pairing solid items with local delicacies. In South Africa, we have so many delicious and nutritious foods and dishes. They can be used to replace rice when necessary.

These delicacies include

(1) Bobotie

(2) Biryani

(3) Sosaties

(4) Vetkoek

(5) Mealie Pap

(6) Boerewors

(7) Potjiekos

They are very delicious and are considered by citizens of Mzansi. Rice is good and tasty but too much of it is tiring and some affects our health negatively. We can do these above listed things we are tired of eating rice.

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