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OPINION| Ramaphosa must not make the vaccine mandatory, let people decide if they need it

Beloved nation of South Africa, this is enough now with the unreasonable lockdown to kill the economy of this country for the new world order. It's time to stand our ground by going out in the street. We can't be like this, lots of people jobs are at lost already and this is worsening our country. Let us stand up nation of South Africa, to save what God has blessed us with. We need our country back, at its origin state. Enough is enough, time to go out in the streets - to match to be freed from all this vaccines and lockdown. Ramaphosa want to impress the Americans with a poor country where by people in majority fails to sustain their if his statement doesn't favour the masses, lets fill up the street we seen people from Europe gone in numbers unsatisfied with the government, when its lockdown others are benefitingI've never heard Cyril addressing the country about the progress regarding unemployment, corruption, poor health care etc. The only thing that's worthy of his time is Covid by now people must realize that the government dont care, all what they do is to control us. .We're waiting for him this time, he,ll see this is south Africa they maked our beloved country a play ground and now they must see that we chosed to be fools but now is the time mzansi to reclaim our country enough with this politicians you voted for them where are they now nowhere. The whole country is confused as we speak, the vaccinated people are waiting for unvaccinated to die so that they can tell the remaining to watch the space. The unvaccinated also waiting for vaccinated to die so that they can also tell the remaining vaccinated, how they warned them about the vaccine. The address is to make official what has already been predicted by many, I think there's a deliberate intent to cause a worldwide panic and destabilise normalcy. It can't be that they continue to impose measures that have proven futile in other countries, and only bring about riots and instabilityThe only time he acts as president is when he lock us down nothing in between not even with loadshedding. Our economy will be shattered in no time if lockdown would be harsh, stop listening to your puppet masters and put South Africa first give their R500 billions back, and run this country on a demo9 basis that we fought for don't sell us out any further mr president

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