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South Africa is Closer than Ever To Being Coronavirus Free

Date: 20/10/21



One thing that can be agreed upon is that the third wave of infections in South Africa was one of the worst the countries ever experienced. The wave lasted longer than the first two and a new strain of variant of the virus was discovered that caused a lot more damage.

This was the reality of South Africa for the last few months but it seems the light at the end of the tunnel is slowly getting closer. The country is now closer than it's ever been to being coronavirus free.


When one looks at the graph of the current infections in South Africa, one can see that the country only has about 18900 people left to recover before it is coronavirus free. This statistically is the closest the country has ever come to reaching a corona free zone since the pandemic started.

With every subsequent wave, the country seems to be finding ways to reduce the number of cases to very low numbers. Just a few months ago, at the peak of the third wave, South Africa had about 208 000 infections and now they are well below 20 000. This shows great progress.

If South Africa is to fully recover from the coronavirus, it will become the second country in the continent to become coronavirus free. The first country that was able to achieve this was Mauritius.


Although there are many things that we can judge the leaders of the country on how they handled the virus there are things that they are doing right. This is seen by how many cases are left to recover a bit before the country is coronavirus free.

This means that whatever rules they have introduced up until now, were for the best and South Africa needs to be thankful for that. Even though there are rumours of a fourth wave coming, it will be very pleasing to see South Africa reduce the number of active cases to as low as possible before this so-called fourth wave comes.

What is your take on the matter at hand? Do you think South Africa will ever reach a zero infections zone?

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