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Will Covid-19 Stay With Us For The Next 40 Years Like HIV/AIDS Did? Read What Experts Have Said

We've been living with covid-19 for just over two years. The world we knew and lived in before covid-19 is gone, and everyone seems to understand this, which is why there has been calls to adjust to the new normal.

But what exactly is this new normal? What does it entail? Does it mean from here on we will walk around with masked faces? Are we going to live this social distancing life forever? Is covid-19 going to stay with us for the next 40 years like HIV has stayed with us for the past 40 years?

The answers to these questions might surprise you. It is relatively easy to bring covid-19 to an end, says the World Health Organisation.

Apparently, ending the polio pandemic of the 1940s posed far greater challenges compared to ending covid-19. There is a readily available vaccine that can bring an end to covid-19, but the World Health Organisation has noted that there is highly pronounced hesitance in the population to take the vaccine.

This heightened hesitance provides a platform for governments to continue enforcing mask-wearing and practicing social distancing. Moreover, the world can never be declared coronavirus-free as long as a substantial proportion of the population is unvaccinated.

This poses a real possibility for covid-19 to stay with us for the next 40 years and beyond.

The situation could be made worse by forced vaccinations, which will make those who are generally not opposed to vaccines reject them on account of opposing tyranny. This will mean more and more people aren't vaccinated and the government will become more and more tyrannical.

Covid-19, just like HIV/AIDS, is very likely to stay with us for the next 40 years, but far worse than HIV/AIDS, covid-19 will degenerate into tyranny and that may lead to Nazi-like persecution.

The future of the world looks bleak.

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