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“I am HIV Positive” - Man Left Everyone in Disbelief After Revealing How He How infected With HIV


There are a plethora of negative things that we do as children and adolescents without realizing that we will be held accountable later on. Some of those decisions are influenced by our social circle. Being a teenager is one of the most mind-blowing times of life since it is at this time that you have the freedom to do things that you would never be able to do under the supervision of your parents. Youth responsibility is essential in today's environment, especially when it comes to sex and romantic relationships. People are fed up with it and will go to any length to obtain money. We must learn to take care of ourselves while we are still young, because some of the actions we make now will have long-term consequences for our futures. We must be conscious of the individuals in our immediate vicinity since peer pressure will be one of the most lethal weapons in the future. 

There's a tragic story about a man who used to do bad things out in the world when he was younger that's worth telling. He wrote it as a warning to other individuals to be cautious about the decisions they make in the face of a dark and dangerous world. According to his account, he witnessed the incident in 2006 while working at a funeral parlor in Hamanskraal. At the time, he used to do silly things like sleep around with different girls, believing that he was experiencing life to the fullest extent possible. He claimed that he and his companions went to a different tavern every day and slept with a different group of girls each time. 

Many people were taken aback when he revealed that there was a point when he would sleep with two girls at the same time without wearing protection. They were aware of the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV at the time, but they continued to sleep with new girls on a consistent basis. Unfortunately, all of his pals died as a result of HIV and Aids. 

"I remember one day when one of my friend's family members phoned me and told me that my friend had passed away as a result of aids; I was completely taken aback because I was aware of the awful things we used to do," he recalled. 


"Back then, sleeping with girls was a recreational activity for us, but now that all of my pals have passed away, I am the only one left, and I thank God for that." 

It was heartbreaking to learn that he had also tested positive, but he is working really hard to stay on top of his meds and alert others about the dangers that are out there. This tale caused a great deal of consternation among many people. Some even started calling him derogatory names because of the way he used to live, but what's done is done. There is no such thing as an undo button in life. The only thing we can do is accept responsibility for our faults and work to improve ourselves.


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