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China must know that the problem is not shortage of vaccine, but people not wanting to vaccinate

China's president pledged to offer Africa one billion COVID vaccine doses on Monday, with the continent struggling to acquire enough jabs to immunise against the disease ~ EWN


Our leaders must be careful when it comes to China because nothing comes for free with China, tll China that the problem here is not shortage of vaccine, but people not wanting to be vaccinated. Their agenda has been always to colonise Africa and they are slowly doing so as they are controlling major ports, airports and other economical infrastructures in Africa due to African countries not able to pay back debts. Ramaphosa said vaccination will be mandatory and now this, our leaders will lead us straight into the lions den and the African natural resources will be expropriated to foreign countriesIt is very interesting as Joe Biden just said in his Address on CNN that he offered South Africa vaccines and was told we have sufficient. But that the problem is not having a shortage of vaccines but rather getting people to take the vaccines and finding storage for them. So not sure how China says we have a shortage two totally conflicting comments from two different countries. They studied our behavior, and concluded that we are a consuming nation than innovators. We have platinum and they want it for the production technological gadgets

Obscene profits have been made off of covid by Big Pharma. Effective vaccines boosters threaten to put an end to that cash cow. So, why wouldn't someone work to produce mutated covid viruses and release them into the population in order to keep the profits flowing? Keeping the virus virulence level low but just enough to reinforce continuing the covid mass hysteria and the profits flowing. We as humans have rights and no one will force us to take something we don't agree on. Especially in the work place, people need their jobs to take care of their family and I'm sorry but I am never doing this jab ever

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