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Mandatory vaccination for covid19 is now already on cards

In times of desperation there might be need to make some decisions which might seem unfavorable to the masses. This might be what has been on cards in South Africa as the nation battles a global pandemic.

It remains a mystery with how the general public will view what is being planned by the lawmakers. However what we are however certain of is that there might be a huge uproar from the general public.

According to a report which was published by the SAfm News on the 31st of August 2021, there might mandatory vaccination for residents in the near future. It was stated that the government says it cannot rule out possibility of getting everyone vaccinated against COVID-19. Health Minister Joe Phaahla has today told Parliament that the debate is already on the cards including seeking legal advice to justify their reasons to compel those who are hesitant to vaccinate.

The goal that is being sought by the authorities may infringe the rights of those who do not believe in mandatory vaccinations. Some of the vaccines being rolled out have no proven record of being effective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Confidence in the vaccine has slowly began to dwindle as there have been many reports of new variants emerging and deaths of those that had been vaccinated.

Initially when vaccinations were introduced, they were being made available to those who are willing to take them up. However, it now seems like everyone is now being forced to take the vaccine. This has given rise to conspiracy theories being forwarded by those who are against vaccinations. They are informing the public that there might be an underlying agenda which is not getting rid of the coronavirus. Politicians on the other hand seem to be now singing from the same hymn book as they are advocating for mass vaccinations.


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