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Are Covid ''Vaccines'' Giving people AIDS? Immune system functions are dropping around 5% each week.

Are Covid “Vaccines” Giving People AIDS? Immune System Functions Are Dropping Around five% EACH WEEK In Those Who Were Vaccinated.

(Natural News) The modern-day statistics from the UK’s PHE Vaccine Surveillance Report shows that people who have been “clearly vaccinated” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) are dropping about five percentage in their immune systems in keeping with week.

Doubly injected humans between some time of forty and 70 have already misplaced about forty per cent of the immune device capability from the moment they get injected. They then steadily lose more of it over time, with top immune system loss for masses anticipated to reach through Christmas.

Source Are Covid “Vaccines” Giving People AIDS? Immune System Functions Are Dropping Around 5% EACH WEEK In Those Who Were Vaccinated | Citizens Journal | Citizens Journal

Are covid “vaccines” giving people AIDS? (

Are Covid ‘Vaccines’ Giving People AIDS? Immune System Functions Are Dropping Around 5% EACH WEEK in Those Who Were Vaccinated | Adara Press

“If this continues then 30-50 yr-olds may want to have a hundred% immune machine degradation, zero viral defence through Christmas and all doubly vaccinated human beings over 30 can also have misplaced their immune structures through March subsequent 365 days,” reports The Exposé.

There isn't any denying, primarily based on the statistics, that fully vaccinated human beings now be bothered by using what appears to be received immunodeficiency syndrome, extra popularly referred to as AIDS. Their immune structures are fading away, which many have been cautious can be the case.

“People elderly forty-69 have already misplaced 40% of their immune device functionality and are losing it gradually at 3.Three% to six.Four% in keeping with week,” The Exposé says.

Interestingly, the worst-off demographic is human beings elderly forty-49, who are struggling with well-known immune device loss in about nine weeks. The quality-off agency is greater younger humans aged 18-29, who have a tendency to ultimate round forty 4 weeks.

Elderly humans over the age of eighty last approximately 20 weeks, at the identical time, because the 50-fifty nine age class best gets approximately 15 weeks. The extraordinary remaining age agencies remain everywhere from 12 to 20-five weeks.

“Everybody over 30 can have misplaced a hundred% of their whole immune functionality (for viruses and high-quality cancers) interior 6 months,” warns The Exposé.

“30-50 12 months-olds could have out of place it through Christmas. These human beings will then efficaciously have entire-blown received immunodeficiency syndrome and wreck the NHS (National Health Service).”

Getting a “booster” shot will greatly accelerate the death technique

It isn't always really that the jabs do not provide the claimed quantity of safety in competition to the Fauci Flu. The truth of the matter is they offer no protection in any respect for a long time and in reality wreck a person’s immune gadget.

“Pfizer at first claimed a ninety five% overall performance for their vaccine (calculated as inside the remaining column above). The figures above suggest that their figures may also nicely be correct immediately after vaccination (the younger age groups have had the vaccine for the shortest time),” The Exposé explains.

“But the figures above also display that the vaccines do NOT merely lose overall performance over time proper all the way down to zero performance, they regularly harm the immune machine till a terrible efficiency is realised. They currently leave all and sundry over 30 in a worse function than they were earlier than vaccination.”

People who take the Biden “Booster” photos will simplest accelerate this technique with the resource of including even greater immune-destroying chemical compounds to their bodies. The downward spiral will pass even quicker, in other words, the more photographs a person receives.

“If we do not do anything approximately this, it'll satisfactorily get lots worse than we ever should have imagined,” wrote one Exposé commenter. “I, for one, admire all who have stood in competition to and maintain to face in opposition to this tyranny.”

“The spike protein hijacks your mitochondria … forever,” wrote every different. “Mitochondria is the heart of your immune gadget. Essentially, it takes over your immune system. The spike proteins are the bioweapons. Your non-public immune machine will become a lethal weapon. This is HIV on steroids.”

Others echoed those identical sentiments, noting that it is painfully apparent what the schedule is. How everyone must argue with a straight face that this is curious approximately “public health” remains a thriller.

The modern information approximately the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” genocide may be observed at ChemicalViolence.Com.

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