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Opinion| covid-19 vaccines must be compulsory because of these reasons

Due to the huge number of infection, we receive every day, our authorities must make sure that everyone is vaccinated.

People who refuse to take the Covid-19 vaccines must be punished, we are facing a serious problem in our country and we can't afford to lose more innocent lives because of some selfish people.

Whoever thinks this vaccine has problems, she or must prove it, and if the person can't prove that, she or he must be forced to take the vaccine. WHO has confirmed that the Covid-19 vaccines are very safe for everyone to use.

Even headmasters, took covid-19 vaccines and they are still surviving so strong, nothing happened to them. Why would something bad chose to happen to you, what makes you think you're that special?

We are not restricted to go to stadiums, to take off our musk, or do parties because of unvaccinated people, the sooner these people take their jab the sooner the country will go back to normal.

Okay, let's put it to vote, those who agree that unvaccinated people must be forced to take their jab, leave comments below.

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