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Suffering from anal skin tag from piles that won't go away? Here's how to get rid of them

Piles (Haemorrhoid? Skin tags

They are most commonly a result of stretched out skin from a previous swollen piles. The piles stretches outside the anus when swollen then shrinks away leaving a dangling skin tag outside the anus. When healed they are painless, smooth and can be felt outside the anus.

Anal skin tags are very common also after childbirth because of increased venous pressure on the rectum. They are not painful however they can be irritating and they can get itchy or sore if you get constipated again and push hard in the toilet.

Treatment of skin tags

Many people live with them not knowing they can easily be removed buy the doctor permanently.

Tea tree oil can also help make the skin go back to normal because it has chemicals that can kill bacteria or fungus to remove unwanted skin tissue

Garlic can be crushed and applied overnight on the skin protruding in the anus. Apply as many times until it fades away

Push the protruding pile back inside

Use dental floss or small rubber bands to tie it and stop blood supply to the dangling pile so it will die and eventually fall off

it is very important to note that dietary changes will be beneficial to prevent future anal skin tags from piles. Avoid junk food and eat high fiber food with adequate water intake.

Remember to see your doctor for medical advice

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