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He got vaccinated on Tuesday and now this is happening to him, boyfriend sent her this message


A world pandemic has caused a lot of pain to the people who are living on this Earth. A young lady shared her conversation with her boyfriend on social media. The chat they were having made it clear that people are far from understanding what actually happens after taking the jab.

From what her boyfriend wrote he claims to be suffering from spinal card pains. Few days after taking the jab which is this week since he took the vaccine on Tuesday. Young man wrote that he wish he never visited the facility. On the conversation he shared images to his girlfriend.

Lady answered with a surprise after viewing what he was clearly showing her. "Vaccine damaged my spine" he said. Could this be happening or are people just exaggerating to scare others from taking the jab. Such messages are scaring people from attending their second doses.

Photo cred: Twitter

While other people don't even attempt visiting the station. Could this be truth, leave your comments and share the article. Below are comments shared on Twitter after reading the tweet from @ThandoSomatic.

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