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The Condition That Causes Cracked Tongue: Symptoms And Causes,benign%20migratory%20glossitis%20(BMG).

Have you ever wondered why you suddenly have those series of rails and lines on your tongue? If so, you are one of the twenty percent of the world's population who suffer from fissured tongue, and I've had my fair share of it. Fissured tongue can be caused by a number of factors, including smoking, acid reflux, and certain medications.

A fissured tongue is a condition that only affects the top surface of the tongue and is completely harmless. The length of the tongue in a normal person is rather straight. A deep groove that is clearly visible can be found running down the middle of a tongue that has fissures.

A wrinkled appearance can also be caused by the presence of minute furrows or fissures along the surface of the tongue. There are a few other names for a fissured tongue, including a cracked tongue, lingua plicata, and scrotal tongue.


The appearance of a tongue that is fissured can be similar to that of the tongue being cut in half lengthwise. There are also instances in which there are a great deal of fissures. There's also a chance that your tongue is broken or cracked.

The deep groove found in the tongue is typically very noticeable. Because of this, it will be much simpler for your medical professionals, including your dentist, to diagnose the issue. Although fissures are most typically found in the middle of the tongue, they can appear in any part of the tongue.

The surface of a typical tongue is covered in papillae, which are minute pinkish-white lumps of varying sizes. Geographic tongue is distinguishable from other types of tongues by the lack of papillae in many regions of the tongue. Because they lack papillae, the dots are smooth and scarlet, and they have borders that are somewhat raised.


A higher concentration of cases with fissured tongue is found in families, which leads Healthline to speculate that the condition may have a genetic component.

The condition is substantially more common in males than it is in females, and the severity of the symptoms is exacerbated in elderly people who also have dry mouth.


In most cases, medical treatment is not required for a fissured tongue.

Brushing the top surface of the tongue is an important part of maintaining good oral and dental hygiene. This helps eliminate dirt from the tongue and ensures that it is clean. It is possible for bacteria and plaque to accumulate in the fissures, which can lead to poor breath and an increased risk of tooth decay.

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