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Isichitho and animal has its signs and symptoms physically, emotionally (opinion)

People turned to be confused about people that have isichitho and isilwane (an animal), they have different signs and symptoms

These things are caused by human beings, witches that wanted to destroy your life, that is why you need to consult a sangoma

Whenever you feel you can no longer deal with the situation that you in, even if you consult doctors situation still the same

When you can't find the pattern of your dreams , when you dream about bad things that shows that you're in the dark place

According to a sangoma Mr mavuka sangoma from Soweto, people need to be careful about signs of isichitho because it is dangerous to you and your family

Isichitho and animal has emotionally and physically signs, all these things are diagnose by traditional healers

In order to be healed by traditional healer they must mention exactly what is happening to your life, because it is what they are going to heal

So when you consult a sangoma go with your dreams, that is your starting point, when you remember your dreams information that you're given by a sangoma won't be new to you

Because your ancestors shows you everything in your dreams, when you have isichitho you will dream about dirty things, like human waste

Around where you're staying the will be to much cockroaches, ant, burgs mice when you try to remove them, they will come back soon

Most of people won't suspect this as they will say it is normal, this is isichitho becareful

When you experience the above things get help soon, according to mr mavuka anather dangerous thing is isilwane

When you have animal (isilwane )you will always wanted to fight your get angry very fast

Sometimes you will dream about people fighting or you're fighting with strange people or people that are close to you

In the morning you will wake up with unexplained scratches as it you're in a fight physically

Because that animal fight with you physically and emotionally, that is why it leaves you with mark in your body

According to a research from African traditional chemist, this is to bad to people's lives

You need to check your body, check your children's because wizard won't only send this to you only they will also send it to your children's

Next article i will show you how to remove isichitho and isilwane by yourself

Source sangoma mr mavuka

Source African traditional chemist

Content created and supplied by: Avumile (via Opera News )

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