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For You, Here Are 40 Laughable Images And Jokes

I've returned to put a smile on your lovely faces. This collection of amusing images and hilarious jokes can help you forget about your sorrows.

Here are some amusing images and humorous jokes to keep you entertained:

The images are simply used for entertainment purposes.

When a doctor wanted to take some time off from work to go hunting, he approached his assistant (Akpos). I'm going hunting tomorrow, Akpos. I don't want the clinic to close. I'd like you to look after the clinic as well as my patients. Thank you, gentleman! Akpos responds.

The doctor goes hunting and returns the next day to inquire, "How was your day, Akpos?" Akpos informed him that he was responsible for three patients. The doctor said, "The first one had a headache, so I gave him Panadol."

The doctor inquires about the second patient. I provided Flagyl to the second one since he had stomach problems, recalls Akpos. Bravo! The doctor complimented you on your abilities.

The doctor wonders what happened to the third one. Sir, I was sitting here when the door unexpectedly opened and an elderly woman entered, complaining of severe joint pain. I encouraged her to sprint to the summit of Mount Everest and then sprint back. I haven't seen her since yesterday.

The doctor was taken aback and passed out instantly.

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