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"Close the Boarders now," says Twitter's Dr Sebi warning the President about the possible outbreak of Monkeypox

Monkeypox, which can be passed to animals and humans, is usually found in Central and West Africa. But health authorities in Europe have confirmed more than a dozen cases this month and are investigating dozens more. Some infections confirmed in the United Kingdom "have no travel links" to a place where monkeypox is regularly found, officials said, suggesting the virus may be spreading through the community.

Dr Sebi has given the president of South Africa, the honourable Cyril Ramaphosa, a heads-up to close the borders now rather than later, as the monkeypox virus is travelling at an appealing speed across countries. During the COVID-19 outbreak, people said the same thing, but they were ignored, and many people lost their lives as a result.


Given the unusual nature of this epidemic, it would be wise to ensure we have a stockpile of antivirals and enough of both types of vaccines, together with regulatory processes to use them against monkeypox. The people of this country should brace themselves for another possible pandemic. It has already reached over 10 countries now, including England and the United States of America.


People shared their sentiments in the comment section, and below are some of the comments from the people.

"You know what? God must come back now. This world is full of insidious people with nefarious purposes. "People are creating disease to benefit from someone else's suffering," says a Twitter user.

"No, that is not the way. The disease is already here. When the floods hit KZN, they declared a National State of Disaster. They have not tabled the regulations for it because there was no pandemic declared. It was preparation for this thing, 12 May and jabs. He knows it too, "Kgeromolla added.

Polio vaccine development got us HIV." COVID vaccination development has unlocked Monkeypox. If pharmaceuticals make money and the government enforces this nonsense, who should be held accountable for these human rights violations if pharmaceuticals make money and the government enforces this nonsense? I added a follower.



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