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Novavax effective against Corona first discovered in S. A

Ground breaking research that has been released for Novavax clinical trials. These trials began last year in August just a month before the announcement that south Africa had a varient of the Corona virus and we know that over four thousand four hundred people participated in the South African trials we also had the Novavax happening in the UK aswell

The results of this particular trial show that vaccine has a sixty percent efficacy for the prevention of mild, moderate as well as severe covid hand 92 percent of the people were HIV/AIDS negative

Just because for an example one contracted the first varient of the Corona and recovered does not mean you cannot contract the mutated varient.

Novavax facilities are also planning to immediately begin clinical development on a vaccine that is to this particular varient

We also know that South Africa is also expecting its first batch from India, what we are yet to find out is how effective is this vaccine from India. More on the story: Slindile from ENCA has more.

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