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Disease prevention and treatment

Elders here is what you need to know about this Muthi, never ignore this medicine


We plant them around our yards without knowing their purpose. Well today Il give you knowledge why you need to start using this muthi to cure this diseases and infections. Most people who own cattle give this plant to their animals to help with disease prevent.

Humans on the other hand can use this to relief joint pain. All you do is to use the juice from the plant, apply on your joint were the pain mostly occurs. Another thing you can do with this muthi is to cure tooth ache. People who have problems with gum fit well to have this in their mouth, chew the plant each time your tooth gives problems.

Since knowledge is power it is always important to teach others. Old people used to plant this inside their yard, for such uses. These days people have turned their backs on these things. Thinking tables are a way to go even though that's not the case.

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