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Julius Malema says Cyril Ramaphosa and Zweli Mkhize gave us sparkling water as vaccine

CIC Julius Malema spoke about vaccines and the transactions that President Cyril Ramaphosa is involved in. He also talks about Zweli Mkhize and him bringing us grape water in a form of a vaccine.

This obsession with Sputnik and Sinovac vaccine is short sighted. Currently China & Russia are also seeing resurgence of covid-19 even on people who are already vaccinated with the two vaccines.

Some people vaccinated with Johnson vaccine are getting infected by Covid19. How is health MEC of Gauteng is doing?

No other generation has witnessed so much death and sickness than our own. The pandemic is taking breadwinners, shutting down businesses, increasing unemployment and interrupting schooling.

As a country we are in a crisis,we really don't need people that spews negativity and doom,we need visionaries that will come with concrete ways to save our country, enough with rhetoric without substance and flip-flopping, it's so uncalled for and a waste of time.

Julius Malema: Who would've thought that Zimbabwe would be better than South Africa when it comes to something? People with money are going to Zimbabwe to get vaccinated. Here we have a leader that puts profit over people, he has done it with Marikana.

The gripe water in SA, is ordered and available from the government only and distributed by pharmacists only. So I'm also thinking of travelling to Russia to be vaccinated there. 

CIC Julius Malema says the country is in a mess under President Cyril Ramaphosa and how we’re in a much devastating situation than we were under former President Jacob Zuma.

Malema is actually right.

But he doesn't mention that Zuma and his cadres plundered the economy and the chickens have now come home to roost, and Ramaphosa must try and rectify the situation.

Cyril was Deputy though.

PPE corruption happened under him. 

Was he not left in charge of the SOE’s to turn them around?

I am not saying Zuma is innocent but Cyril was second in charge of that Zuma administration.

CR lacks the balls to play rough, and have all the looters arrested and recover the money.

I still believe Malema is going to be a Presidential leader in Africa&the world at large. At the right time he will be elevated to his rightful position,u can't fight destiny.

But first,he must cleanup this mess he contributed to in SA,the unjust character assassination of Zuma.

It's that character assassination of the Zuma's that paved the way for this godless deceiver we now have as a president.

The soul of our nation is in grave danger and Malema is just as responsible as others for getting the nation in this position.

EFF chose to support the ousting of JZ and discrediting anything associated in favour of CR because they knew it would be easy to later discredit CR. Had NDZ won, she would have eaten on the EFF support base, render EFF less relevant. That is pro-business vs pro-poor game.

We warned this during the Zuma-must-fall hype that there is a bigger agenda here. We also warned of the smearing and purging of black Executives to clear the way to privatize SOEs. The same EFF was fighting for what we have now, they brought us this nightmare.

EFF must never be apologetic for removing Zuma from power. EFF was not formed to cushion any leader of these silly ANC factions. EFF was formed to contest state power and whoever is the helm shall be contested and opposed by any means necessary.

No ANC sitting President is ever going to be good enough in the eyes of Malema. The guy is politicking for the sake of it, of course, he's the leader of the opposition and President of the government forever in waiting.

Everytime he speaks like this, the law is closing in on him and his friends. A need for public sympathy is more needed now than ever. Ask the Kokos of Eskom. Sello has destroyed the political fire that educated a list of young people and shaken the old politically rigid guards.

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