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Opinion: Here Are Reasons To Implement immediate Lockdown Level 4 From Monday Until 05 January 2022

South Africa has been under level one lockdown for more than a month. It was raised to a new level as a consequence of a considerable decrease in the number of daily instances recorded. We switched from adjusted level 2 to level 1 on September 30, 2021. There has been hopeful indications that we are on the threshold of conquering this virus since then. Despite the fact that the number of daily incidents was exceedingly low, there were frequently significant rallies and protests for political advocacy campaigns even during local government elections.

However, shortly after the elections, the number of recorded incidents began to rise again, albeit in a more usual pattern. Following the increase in daily cases, it was announced that the fourth wave of COVID had been discovered in Mzanzi, barely a few days after the spike in daily cases. Many others were taken aback because they thought we had truly beaten the odds.

Shortly after the fourth wave is detected, the President gives a speech to the nation. Everyone had been looking forward to his arrival. He was meant to change the lockdown level as soon as possible from one with loose restrictions to one with stronger constraints, but he didn't. Instead, the president stated that the country will remain at level 1. When this information was released, many were ecstatic, and many showed their excitement by expressing that they would be able to enjoy the Christmas season this year, as contrast to the prior year.

The bad news is that the number of new cases has constantly increased, which has had an adverse effect. This shows that the level 1 restrictions are insufficient to prevent or curb the spread of this virus, and are actually making matters worse rather than better. There were a total of 16366 new cases recoded yesterday. Is a more strict degree of lockdown warranted in this situation?

Following all of this, I issued an opinion recommending that the president adopt a more strict lockdown level 4 from as early as December 6, 2021 to January 5, 2022, beginning as soon as practicable. People will be moving from one location to another throughout the Christmas season, spreading the infection to new people. We will be able to slow the spread of this virus by doing so. Higher education is on the point of becoming obsolete. During their stay in the program, students will be transferred from one province to another. Those who have relocated to other provinces for work or other reasons will return to their home province. Some folks will go on vacation. As a result, the lockdown must include a ban on interprovincial travel as well as a ban on the sale of alcoholic drinks since individuals who are inebriated do not follow the guidelines. Unvaccinated persons should be barred from coming to the grocery store because they put those who have been vaccinated at danger of catching a sickness.

What do you think about this point of view? Do you feel that if the government implements these steps, lives can be saved? Please leave your opinions in the comments area below.

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