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Lady explains benefits of having copper wrists to prevent dark entities as well as joint pains


Our culture has taught has a lot as black people even though we haven't found our true self. A lady on social media, shared how she ended up buying Cooper wrists to protect herself from dark entities. She revealed that she looked all over the internet searching for ways to prevent joint pains that come and go. She revealed that she ended up not learning from people or the internet instead she was given guidance through dreams by her ancestors. Ever since I wear this I no longer have wrist pains lady explained.

Fun fact is that having this on your wrists prevents premature aging as well as helping one absorb iron, spiritually gifted man explained. As people we normally see elderly people having these on their hands. And the energy they possess with their hands is amazing. They are so strong as though they are not old, that proves that having this bangle is a blessing in disguise. Below are the comments people shared after reading her tweet.

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