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Opinion| trusted home remedies for flu and covid-19, don't forget to add this to make it work

Since we are facing an enemy of our lives(covid-19 virus) most people lose their lives because of this global pandemic. Some fail to understand that the covid-19 virus is similar to the flu, so using some home remedies for the flu can help you a lot to prevent this virus.

Even though it is not yet proven by doctors by almost 80% of people they are applying it and it works for them, it is not risky to anyone's health, unless otherwise. Only if one can follow the right procure of doing it then there won't be no harm to his or her body.

Take two cups of Stoney and boil them with lemon, mix them with Med Lemon when done boiling. Drink them while they are still warm, do not overdose on them. You're not gonna like the taste but you will surely benefit from the results of using them. Ever since covid-19 was introduced in our country I've been using these home remedies whenever I feel like I catch the flu, I even forgot the door of the Hospital.

After drinking these remedies make sure that you cover your body with warm clothes or blankets. Later on, before you sleep apply Vicks to your back and chest. You will wake up feeling much better than before.

Whether you took the vaccine or not, you can still fight this covid-19 virus. Most people are scared to take vaccines because of some allegations or fear of bad reactions of their body when taking them. Is still understandable, you can use these remedies to stay safe.

One or two spoons of Med Lemon is enough when making your remedies, other things don't boil your Stoney and Lemon for a long period. May God protect us from this covid-19 virus.

In our prayers let's not forget to include this covid-19 vaccine, if got demons inside to not work on our bodies. Our government failed to introduce it to our god does why they are even restricting gathering in church but allowed in political parties or clubs.

May God continues to protect his people and our country, with the almighty name of Jesus Amen.

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