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People who have natural immunity from God have beaten other variants says Mzwanele

When the corona virus first came, we all thought that this is just one of those virus that will just go away as time goes by. However we are now approaching two years living with this pandemic and so many people have died and some continue to die even today.

Scientists around the world have since worked tirelessly to ensure that they get vaccine to help curb the spread of the virus. Before the vaccines could be found, many people were calling for them but now that they are available, people are no longer interested in them they talk about the strong immune system which was not the case before.

We know that Mzwanele Manyi the spokesperson of the Jacob Zuma Foundation is one person who does not have trust in this vaccine as he belive in natural immunity. Mzwanele Manyi has made a tweet that did not sit well with many people. The way he talks, it shows that he has not lost any loved one to the virus because this is quite a sensitive matter. Millions of people died and he now makes it look like those people who died is because they did not have the natural immunity from God to save them.

"I congratulate God for building a robust system & resilient immune system. An overwhelming majority of people with God's natural immunity have beaten viruses like Beta, Delta Gamma and now busy defeating Omicro. I hope that the vaccine don't compromise the natural immunity but enhance it"

So in simple terms Manyi is saying those people who died of the covid19 is because they did not have God's natural immumity while those who had it, had survived since the virus started. Maybe all diseases should be treated with natural immunity and see how well that can go.

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