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Its time to stock up on your alcohol this friday as strict lockdown restrictions are about to come.

It might be the right time to stock up on your alcohol as it is expected that stricter lockdown restrictions are about to come. Tomorrow is black friday of course which is a good day to get great prices on alcohol for the December holidays. While it won't be like most December's as a new Covid-19 virus variant has been reported in South Africa.

If you are wondering what the whole issue with Covid-19 variant is, well a virus like Covid-19 is able to adapt to the changing environment. When it adapts its changes variants and as new a variant comes along the stronger it is from the last one.

Just yesterday the highest number of new cases were reported and it seems like things are getting worse with the new variant being reported.

Many South Africans are still in shock with regards to the increasing number of cases and awaiting further announcements from the government on a way forward.

Times are hard, let's continue to wash our hands, wear our masks and vaccinate.

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