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Opinion| covid-19 is suspended for Elections in South Africa, let's wait for another wave after this

Fellow South Africans we inform you that our government has suspended the covid-19 virus for elections, after elections you will hear them telling us about the new wave and the numbers of infected people being high.

It's been a while now we hear from our president Cyril Ramaphosa, he is silent as if he is no longer president, he is waiting for elections to pass then you can hear him again addressing the nation.

I wonder if there are no infections now because there are no reports about the Covid-19 virus, or maybe this vaccine thing is helping us with fighting this global pandemic of Coronavirus.

President Cyril Ramaphosa took as to level one of Lockdown which easier Lockdown restrictions, nowadays everyone is free and there are no musk, sanitizers or social distance in public space. People forgot that there was this thing called covid-19, they do as they please with normal life.

In Europe they are even allowed to attend stadium to watch soccer, thousands of people are allowed to gather at one place and enjoy watching their favorite sports games, there is no social distance rules there or sanitizers.

The same thing happening to our country, people are allowed to gather in taverns, parties, and political places but what is surprising is that people who pray are not allowed to gather and praise the Lord. The two biggest churches in South Africa are still closed under covid-19 regulations, President Cyril Ramaphosa made it clear that there should be no gathering of people more than 500 in public spaces. But if you look into this matter well, you will see that he just doesn't want church members to gather, because taverns and political parties gather and there are no consequences after that.

Starting to think that this vaccine and covid-19 is the work of the devil, why people are stopped to pray but were forced to take the vaccine. If one trusts God with a whole heart then why shall he/she be punished for that?

May God forgive those fights with him and open their eyes like Paul so that they can see his greatness. May he heal his people and protect them from evil things. In Jesus' name Amen.

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