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Finally| This Could Be A Sign That Level 1 is Near

Date: 26/09/21



It has been over for months since the last time South Africans taste of the freedom from level one of the lockdown. It is well-known that at that level, South Africans experienced the most freedom of movement and access to certain activities. This has not happened in so long because the third Wave of the virus had South Africa on a chokehold and harder lockdown had to be implemented but that has changed.


The latest statistics from the department of health have shown a significant decrease in both the number of cases and the number of people dying from the virus. This decrease started out a couple of days ago and has since gone even further down over the last three days.

For the past two days alone the country has recorded a number of deaths from the virus that have been less than 60. This is one of the lowest fatalities recorded in recent history. One other thing that happened is that on Sunday the 26 of September South Africa registered cases less than 1000. This has not happened in South Africa for the last 3 months. All of this points out to one obvious conclusion.


A move to level one is right by the corner. It can be remembered that it is said South Africa moves down to lower levels of the lockdown if there are less number of people dying and if the cases have reduced. These conditions have been met perfectly in the last few days.


The national Corona virus command council at this point cannot deny that South Africa really needs to move down to level one. This is because it is said that a fourth wave of the virus is coming pretty soon and if South Africa has not moved to level one before then I'm all South Africans will feel imprisoned. I moved to level one will come things before things get heated yet again.

What is your take on the matter? Do you think the latest number of cases warrants and move to level one?

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