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She is 16-Year-Old With No Intestines And Has never Tasted Food

Nowadays, new health studies have revealed health issues that are so bizarre that you may even question whether or not it is correct in the first place because it causes people to face a great deal of health problems.

An eighteen-year-old girl is unable to swallow any food since her gut, which is meant to function as the body's engine, has been removed from her.

Although this young lady goes by the name of Salma, she is originally from Egypt, and she was forced to relocate to the United States as a result of her sickness. According to her parents, she got trapped in a vacuum valve while swimming when she was five years old, which caused damage to her intestines, according to reports at the time.

The medical specialists determined that she needed an intestinal transplant since her intestines had become severely ruined, and she was sent to the nearest medical center as a result of their findings.

They stated that if the transplant was not performed within two weeks, they could only guarantee her survival for a period of two weeks. However, as fate would have it, she was forced to live on a life assistance machine for eight months while her parents searched for funds for her operation, and she was able to finish the process without incident.

Unfortunately, the operation was not a success, and she has since gone through five failed transplants, all of which she is looking forward to when health specialists discovered that she had illnesses that may have stopped her from receiving a successful transplant.

She survives in the interim by being connected to a conduit that transports the nutrients she need to the right location in her body. According to the physicians, she would require more than $30 million in order to have the surgery completed.

Unfortunately, she is still unable to eat due to the fact that she lacks intestines to digest her food. However, if she is hungry, she would generally taste her mother's meal, knowing only that she will not be able to swallow it.

She has a weird condition, and I pray to God to release her from it...don't forget to send your prayers and good wishes her way as well.

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