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Is it Lockdown or Knockdown? Soldiers brutal attack on human vs the coronavirus -Analysis

Source: BBCAfrica as a continent is unquestionably at a watershed point in its history. Coronavirus has been responsible for a variety of human experiences. The so-called lockdown situation. Since the emergence of coronavirus in Africa, the majority of African nations have implemented more than 572-days of the lockdown in an effort to combat the virus.

South Africa is one of the nations that has declared a ban on the practice of many economic activities. While it was originally intended to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus, it seems that this has since been altered. Now, instead of fighting against the coronavirus, we are fighting against human rights violations.

Take a careful look at the image above, which depicts a young woman who was allegedly severely assaulted by Nigerian troops as a consequence of failing to adhere to lockdown procedures. To be sure, no one is above the law, but this is no longer law enforcement; rather, it is an abuse of power.

It is expected that those who violate the rules would be imprisoned rather than beaten like this. No, it seems as if the so-called defensive force is suddenly switching from lockdown to knockout mode. In contrast to lockdown, human experiences are violated. Such an accident has also occurred in South Africa when individuals were observed getting beaten up instead of being imprisoned for their crimes.

Beating up someone who is not fighting you is not law enforcement; rather, it is an assault on that person. That was the experience of a large number of individuals who had been assaulted. Another event occurred in the South African city of Johannesburg. Those who live on the streets have been witnessed being beaten by police. The issue is, why are those individuals getting beaten up in the first place, and where are they supposed to go from there?

This does not make sense. They consider the street to be their homes because of poverty and poor management of the country, so if the cops beat them, where are they supposed to go? They are not there because they want to be, but because circumstances in their lives have compelled them to be there. Having enough evidence lockdown has now turned into a knockout, a battle against the populace. What do you think of this? Is this lockdown or knockout? Will you be voting for the ANC despite this? Comment below, like and share with others on the net

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