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Warning: Five Foods You Eat On A Daily Basis That Could Quickly Kill You

Certain foods that we take on a daily basis might be exceedingly harmful to our health in the long run.

1. Carrots and potatoes

Don't worry, light brown potatoes are fine to eat, but green potatoes contain a toxin called solanine, which is harmful.

The greenish section of your potato indicates not only that it is not fully ripe, but also that it contains a lot of solanine. If you eat a green potato, you can get a headache, vomit, or even lose your ability to move.


Some mushrooms are incredibly healthy for humans, but not all mushrooms are created equal. Some mushroom species carry poisons that can be fatal. So be picky when it comes to mushroom preparation.


Tomatoes are a healthy fruit in and of themselves, but their leaves contain a toxin that can cause stomach discomfort and anxiety.

Tomatoes are OK to eat, but the leaves should be avoided.

Meat that hasn't been cooked and eggs that haven't been cooked

Salmonella bacteria can be found in raw meat and uncooked eggs, causing stomach bloating and, in the worst-case scenario, death.


Almonds have a lot of health benefits, but they also have a lot of hazardous elements in them, especially when they're raw. When eaten raw, bitter almonds contain cyanide, which is toxic to humans.

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