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Mzansi In SHOCK After Covid-19 Expert Reveals That New Variant, OMICRON, Allegedly Resists Vaccines

Mzansi In SHOCK After Covid-19 Expert Reveals That New Variant, OMICRON, Allegedly Resists Vaccines.

If you thought the truths and lies surrounding the Covid-19 virus and it's continuous metamorphosis into other deadly variants is going to stop soon. Then you're in for a very long ride indeed and this is because there's so much confusion on how relevant the vaccine is.

Just about a week ago, we heard of the new Covid-19 variant which is the OMICRON. And just like every virus, it's a way stronger variant of Covid-19 and in fact it has developed a strong immunity to vaccines, hence the reason for the wide spread in Israel and other nations.

This was exposed by an expert, Dr. Eli, who stated that the latest Covid-19 Variant, the OMICRON is indeed very immune to present vaccines like the Pfizer, moderna, Johnson and Johnson, Astra Zeneca, BionTech, Sputnik V. This he revealed indicating that governments and medical giants should rather find better ways to tackle it than force people to be vaccinated. In his words;

"Huge government panic because Omicron is vaccine resistant. Solution? Government today approved tightening the restrictions on the unvaccinated"

This news comes with the shock to many who now are confused as to why they got vaccinated in the first place. For those who have been again the vaccine, it's all celebration for them. Here are some reactions below;

"Who cares if it’s vaccine resistant if people aren’t dying from it?"

"Israeli study finds 2 Pfizer shots fail to neutralise Omicron"

"Its like they still are saying that only un-vaccinated spread the virus like they said in the beginning."

"This variant sees the vaccinated and unvaccinated as they sane yet tighter restrictions on the unvaccinated?"

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