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The WHO Has Decided To Convene An Emergency Meeting To Discuss Monkeypox

The World Health Organization has decided to convene an emergency meeting of experts to discuss the latest outbreak of monkeypox in wake of rapidly rising cases, a lot of people have been sceptical about this monkeypox business and they're not very sure about what exactly it is and how it affects them but it is clear that it is not as contagious as convert 19 so a lot of people can just give it a rest because they are not going to experience another episode of lockdown.

Since the cases of monkeypox have been reported to WHO from 12 Member States that are not endemic for monkeypox virus, and I must take comfort in the fact that South Africa is not even included in one of the countries which are struggling with this issue because we definitely cannot afford another incident.

Epidemiological are ongoing, however, reported cases thus far have no established travel links to endemic areas, of course such things are very concerning to a lot of people because they don't want to experience another incident where they are going through the issues.

Based on currently available information, cases have mainly identified amongst men who have relations with men, so the ordinary members of the public can rest easy knowing that they are completely safe from this disease that has showed up all of a sudden

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