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"In 2021, this is how a person living with HIV looks like" woman says

HIV / AIDS can be seen as a chronic disease, it can be life threatening if people do not take the right treatment.

 HIV infection in recent years is very different compared to the 1990s, In the early 1990s exposure to HIV was seen as a death penalty. Most of the people present at that time did not survive.

 In the 21st century there is a cure and a person living with HIV can live a long and healthy life. The virus is powerful and has the potential to completely destroy a person's health and possibly kill him.

 Infectious pathogens and pathogens, with antiretroviral drugs (ARVs), the virus can be suppressed and viruses are undetectable.

 The choices a person makes when they test positive for HIV are up to them, they can accept responsibility and begin treatment immediately to live a long and healthy life or not allow the virus to destroy them.

 While most people choose to keep their personal information private, there are very few people who openly admit that they are HIV positive, sharing it on social media.

 One of them is @NhlanhlaThembah on Twitter, she has revealed her HIV status and lives her life freely, she shared it with the public.

 There are people who believe that a person with HIV will look a certain way, in fact there is no way to know if someone is infected based on how they look.

 He recently advised that "In 2021 this is how a person living with HIV looks.

 He said, "Remember to go for a test and find out how you are. No matter what your results are. Just know that you are not alone.


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