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Man Attacked Vaccine Dealers After Discovering This


A man issued a serious complain on his twitter handle stating the test and Covid19 Vaccines which are being given to South Africans especially to those that travels out of the country frequently or infrequently doesn't stop the virus anymore. adding that the passport registration is now of no use. Publicly speaking this is not the way to approach such observation. He might face down punishment for such act. Following the news update, He wrote. "Before the jabs, governments required a negative Covid19 test to cross borders, the idea being you don't go spread the 'virus' in other countries. Now, the 'vaccine' doesn't stop infection or transmission, so what do you need the Vaccine Passport for?"

It was being said that some lives has been saved by these Vaccines. Though some organs in the body hardly cope with foreign cells being sent into the body doesn't mean that the Vaccine is not superb. These Vaccines were made to reduce the spread of the virus in other to secure health in the futures.

Previously a data was passed which shows that fully vaccinated persons are less lively than unvaccinated persons to acquire SARS Cov 2 and infections with the Delta variant in fully vaccinated persons are associated with less serve clinical outcomes. Infections with the Delta variant in vaccinated persons potentially have revived transmissibility than infections in unvaccinated persons. Vaccination radically reduces both your susceptibility to Covid19 and the amount of viral load you shed.

There's no such thing. We can get booster shots every 6 months coupled with the fact that the vaccine offers prodigious immunity to COVID19. Some people believe that when government imposes some reasonable rule, it's not because they want to do it for the sake of it's people, they believe it is either about imposing a new tax/revenue collection scheme or dry run for some future policy implementation. Which means, vaccination is NHI dry run & future taxing operation.

South African government really did the right things to accelerate though restrictions on residents of South Africa who has not received the Vaccine by increasing lockdown measures inorder to help reduce the spread of the virus. It is better to get vaccinated now and prepare for the future by keeping your job in tacked, than playing dangerous games.

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