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10 people confirmed dead on Friday from Covid-19 in SA

Covid-19 continues to be thorn in people's lives .This is because of the effects that are brought about by the pandemic on the lives of people . onr of the devastating impacts of the pandemic is the fatalities that come about because of it . The deaths as a result of the pandemic is leaving families, friends and communities broken and different . On Friday , the National Institute for Communicable Diseases revealed that there were 10 people who had died as a result of Covid-19 . The number ten took the total number of deaths since 2020 to 93 949 .

It is devastating to lose loved ones from the pandemic , but there is a need for people to hold on to measures that are preventive against the pandemic . The figures released by the National Institute for Communicable Diseases are true , and thus , people need to hang on to measures such as wearing masks , avoiding crowded spaces as well as ensuring that surfaces are sanitised always .

South Africa went on and recorded a decrease in the number of new daily Covid-19 cases . There was a decrease to 3 520 new cases on Friday evening . This took the total number of cases since 2020 to 3 576 379 . These cases are a lot and hence saving the purpose of ensuring that people are on guard against contracting the virus . Calls have also been made for the members of the public to get vaccinated against the pandemic . It has reportedly been proven that getting vaccinated helps reduce hospitalizations as well as possible deaths . It is known that some members of the community may have different views when it comes to getting vaccinated , but there id free information from health facilities regarding the benefits of getting vaccinated .


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