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Mzansi People Are Starting To Be More Concerned About The Vaccines

At the beginning of lockdown before the vaccine were introduced President Cyril Ramaphosa announced the nation , he said that no one is forced to take the vaccine. People started to take the vaccine because they believed that it will help them not to get the virus. As many people were getting the vaccine they started to realise that the virus is increasing. They announced that the vaccine does not prevent people from getting the virus. They said that you can still get the virus even after being vaccinated but it will not kill you. At the beginning they said the vaccine will prevent the spread of the virus.

Now it is seems like it is mandatory to take the vaccine. They are forcing people to take the vaccine indirectly. People start to be worried about getting vaccinated as they thought that it will prevent the virus. Lately he announced that there will be a third vaccination as booster for omicron variant. People have lost trust on the President.

They no longer take him serious like before. They start to be worried about their health. Back in the days there were vaccines but people were not forced to take it. There are lot of illnesses in the whole world but there is no vaccine for them. Coronavirus is dangerous yes but this is getting out of hands.

Some people are forced to provide proof of vaccination or else they will lose their jobs. Everyone has a right to have agree or disagree to the vaccine. In this state it seems like people have to no say but to obey the rules. People fear for what is going to happen if they do not vaccine. People start to question themselves about what will happen in the future. Mr President should address his people and give them time to raise their consent.


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