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Millions of unvaccinated people in Gauteng calls for concern

Source: TimesLive

Gauteng Prime Minister David Muffler has expressed concern that about 8 million people in the state have not yet been vaccinated against Covid 19. More than 

4 million people have been vaccinated, but the Stats SA figures show that the state has a population of over 15 million. 

"It's right to find and vaccinate them because unvaccinated people are a problem for all of us," Muffler said Thursday, when the state recorded more than 6,000 new infections. I mentioned in the latest information about the government's response the next day. 

"We want to encourage more people to take responsibility for their health by being vaccinated. After trying all the options, consider compulsory vaccination." He said. Provincial statistics show that more women (54%) are vaccinated than men (46%). 

Gauteng would focus on school pupils and continue its drive to encourage young people to get vaccinated. 

Once schools closed for the holidays, they would be used as vaccination sites to accelerate the programme. 

Gauteng public health and vaccination coordinator Dr Adiel Chikobvu said 4.5million people had received one dose of either the J&J or Pfizer vaccine and 3.7million people were fully vaccinated. 

“The province is gaining momentum and numbers are looking good. I'm confident that by keeping this dynamic, we can achieve something. "

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