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Different Health Conditions That Cause Injuries In Your Mouth

Do you know that some diseases and medical conditions can cause wounds to develop on the lips and the inside of the mouth? If not, you should learn more about this topic. As a result of the fact that many individuals consider mouth sores to be an irritation, it is prudent to exercise caution and keep an eye out for any mysterious wounds that may appear in the mouth.

In light of this, we will spend some time in this article discussing several medical disorders that can lead to mouth wounds.

If you suffer from lip wounds on a regular basis, you should give serious consideration to reading this article in its entirety because it will discuss the factors that lead to these injuries.

Which diseases or disorders can cause a person to sustain injuries within their mouth?

1. Infectious mononucleosis, more commonly referred to as "kissing disease," is one of the conditions that can cause wounds to appear on or inside the mouth. Weakness and an enlargement of the lymph nodes are two additional disturbing signs and symptoms.

2. Oral thrush, also referred to as candidiasis, is a condition that occurs as a result of an excessive growth of yeast in the mouth. Oral thrush is not typically considered to be a stand-alone condition but rather a symptom of a more serious underlying condition.

3. The mouth wounds may also have been caused by anemia or a lack of folate in the patient's body. Mouth wounds are one of the unsettling symptoms that can arise when there is a deficiency in the vitamin folate that the body needs to function properly. Folate deficiency can also cause the body to stop producing enough of the vitamin.

4. Herpes simplex virus–driven cold sores. If you discover that you have cold sores, you should visit a doctor as soon as possible in order to stop the disease from spreading to other people. If you have herpes, you may have painful mouth sores that are also very contagious.

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