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“This New Virus Will Want People to Crave For More Vaccine” Famous Sangoma Reveals to South Africans

For the past few weeks, they’ve been rumors concerning a new virus that’s coming which could be more deadlier than Covid-19.

Scientists have proved that if the virus spreads, it could wipe a large amount of the world’s population.

A Popular prophet and Sangoma, Ra came back with a shocking revelation concerning this new virus that would happen in the coming days. He said there is a new contagion that's coming and it will make us take much more jabs or vaccine than we do now.

He said: “This new virus that's coming they will want more people who took the shot to take more of it again. Actually this shot thing is not going to end. The more you take it the more they ask you to take another. Just watch out for this new strand R-1 strengthen your immune”

This is indeed a bad news for people who have formerly taken one before, but now the government will have to force you to take another shot after shot.


This is definitely not a good sign and what if his prophecy comes to pass, what will happen to South Africans, will they become addicted to vaccine jab or shots?


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