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Opinion| Does Traditional Healers Needs To Get Vaccinated, If Yes Why Are They Still Alive


Well for the fact that the South African government is implementing strict laws on non-vaccinated people, our traditional healers also needs to be vaccinated. Following the news update a twitter user asked a question if our traditional healers are on their way to get vaccinated, what is really keeping them alive? He wrote, "Are our African traditional healers also getting in line to get vaccinated? If yes, what exactly is the reason behind their continued existence? What about those healing churches, are they getting the jab too? He added."

Truly spiritual people are rejecting the vaccine because they know what is happening. I am not taking it and it is a spiritual decision. But if you can remember, In Limpopo ZCC Bishop Lekganyane was one of the first church leaders to take it publicly with the mindset of encouraging his many followers to do the same.

Not many people believed in their existence and their healing abilities and they are not about to start now. Traditional healers only heal those who want to be healed. They don’t force their medication on anyone unlike the west do.

Those are bought traditional healers for looting all of us to vaccination. Remember the globalist propagandist strategy and their way to devalue our ancestoral spiritual strength.

The Covid19 Vaccine might not bring a cure to this virus, but we all are going to take it because this is what the government wants, no one is above that authority. This is the only way we South Africans can secure job for ourselves and accomplish our future dreams. Watch the space, forcing vaccines will create a new market, that will cater for everyone, the same way mass production created a new market for “craft”, “organic” and “bespoke”.

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