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If this data from Gauteng doesn’t convince you to get a vaccine, nothing will…

Source: TheSouthAfrican

What is the difference that vaccines make? Data shared by the Houten government on Thursday show the clearest picture of how effective the COVID19 vaccine is in keeping us safe from serious illnesses-and again, Shot is an Omicron variant. It seems that it can neutralize the threat posed by the body.

The slides released Thursday show that the surge in new infections caused by the arrival of Omicron has not yet resulted in high levels of hospitalization-and it is almost entirely due to the vaccine.

Comparative data show that the increase in the number of cases requiring inpatient treatment over the last two weeks is less than that seen at the same stage of the previous three waves of COVID 19. 

Pressure on hospitals "probably less than the third wave" New coronavirus infections have increased by 300% over the last 10 days, while hospitalizations have increased by only 56%. Sure, that's still a worrying increase, but the data show that the link between cases and ward admissions is significantly weakened.

It is already predicted that the 4th wave will have fewer hospitalizations than the 3rd wave. As this graph shows, vaccination has significantly reduced the need for hospital beds.

At how can you be confident that the vaccine will reduce the burden? Now, the hospitalization data itself tells a fascinating story.

In November, the number of COVID 19 patients under the age of 40 increased compared to the number of people over the age of 40 who needed hospital treatment. Vaccine intake is high in the elderly and low in adolescents.

As more older people are vaccinated and younger citizens remain unvaccinated, the dynamics of those who receive the virus in hospital beds can change until the younger age group catches up with the Vax rate. There is sex. Most Omicron patients report "only mild symptoms," but scientists believe this is due to vaccination protection. 

Shabir Madhi, a professor of virology at the University of Witt in Johannesburg, also called on Thursday.

His modeling suggests that Omicron waves are the greatest threat to unvaccinated and previously uninfected individuals, experts say, up to 90% of all severe cases are vaccinated. It is estimated that it comes from a person who has not been vaccinated.

Only 33% of Houten people are fully vaccinated and 8 million adults do not yet have needles in their arms. "People who are not infected with the virus and have not been vaccinated can eventually be admitted to the hospital and account for 90% of the cases of Covid19 death."

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