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Here Is why men need to stop eating bitter-cola (OPINION)

In order to get the unmixed and plain the arrangement, people soak the cola in warm water for two days, then blend the cola to remove the concentrate.

This combination is more enticing than simply removing the outer covering, which some prefer to do, but it also increases the intensity of bitter kola's effect on sperm. Male infertility is remedied.

Due to its high caffeine level, bitter kola might be dangerous. You should avoid bitter kola if you are sensitive to the stimulant effects of caffeine. It's possible to suffer from stress, exhaustion, and other health conditions, like diabetes and loose bowels, as a result.

Bitter kola's therapeutic value has already been proven. I think it's a fantastic idea! Try it out to see if it improves the quality of your sperm.

Using around 6-7 pieces of the bitter cola, mix them together until they form a smooth structure with water, and then consume.

While this mixture can be acceptable when paired with nectar, it is great for those who can't stand the kola's bitter taste, as it will in general increase intensity.

You might carry a packet of bitter kola in your wallet or purse to protect yourself against bad vibes.

You can use bitter kola as a marketing tool by sprinkling it throughout your shop.

Do not remove the back or coat if you need to use bitter kola's profound insight.

As a side effect, it can also be used to alleviate agitation or nervousness.

Thank you so much to everyone...

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