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Sad News for all vaccinated people after this was revealed

The publication of fresh information about the vaccines' results has put patients at risk.

According to an essay on page 132 of the Pfizer vaccination book, the vaccine effectively prevents unprotected intercourse for up to 28 days following the second dosage, which is required for it to take effect. In addition, it reduces the likelihood of men becoming fathers by preventing conception. Because of concerns about genetic control, both men and women refuse to have children.

"Symptoms including fatigue, chest pain, tachycardia (fast heartbeat), disorientation, stomach ache and copying discomfort all share a common thread. When we're together, we're going through exactly what you're going through. Everyone, including me, stands to gain from further progress in this area. The scientific community has a degree of doubt about the link between vaccination and disease, though." Boling is unequivocal in his belief that this should be the case.

People who have recently received a vaccination should be cautious about the vaccine's long-term consequences.

"We now know why countries all across the world are simultaneously lowering their vaccine rules.

The report's final eight pages are devoted to the consequences. Regardless of their political leanings, anyone in the media, government, or business who helped spread this message should face criminal charges "Twitter user who says he or she is a fan.


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