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Can Traditional Medicine Treat HIV Like ARVs?

Have you ever wondered if traditional medicine can be used to treat HIV like ARVs? Do you think traditional healers can help cure or treat HIV just like western doctors? Your questions will be answered in this article. 

We have talked a lot about the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) but people still have questions about the treatment and myths about the cure. We have people who believe that they can fight the virus without using ARVs and other western medicine, how possible could this be? 

If you value your life, why focus on something that has not been tested and approved? I agree that somethings can only be done by traditional doctors but treating HIV is not one of those things, maybe they can treat the symptoms but not HIV. Do you want to know why I recommend ARVs instead of traditional medicine? 

ARVs contain a fixed dosage of drugs that have been tried and tested. ARVs have been proven to be effective against limiting the spread of HIV on a human body. We do have traditional healers who claim to be able to treat and even cure HIV but their claims have not been proven so far. 

My advice is, don't gamble with your life, if you test positive for HIV, consume ARVs and save your life. ARVs prevent the virus from multiplying, that reduces the amount of HIV in the body. 

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