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How Low Blood Pressure Is Treated

Low blood pressure (hypotension) is regularly not a major issue except if it causes manifestations and difficulties like swooning, wooziness, disarray, and shock.1 In many cases, basic changes in accordance with one's way of life, diet, and propensities are all that is required to treat low circulatory strain effectively. In different cases, prescription might be recommended to raise the circulatory strain back to a typical range.2 

Home Remedies and Lifestyle 

Rolling out specific improvements to your way of life and developing some new propensities can assist you with raising your pulse to satisfactory levels. These progressions may include:3 

Abstain from sitting up or standing up quickly. Instead, do it gradually. You can likewise take a stab at moving your legs a piece prior to attempting to sit or rise up to jump-start the system. 

Try not to represent extensive stretches of time in case possible. This is especially significant if you have neurally interceded hypotension. 

Abstain from intersection your legs while sitting. 

Wear pressure stockings. The stockings will apply strain to your legs, assisting blood with moving better in them. You ought to, in any case, counsel your medical services supplier before you begin to wear pressure stockings as a type of therapy. 


Restricting your admission of specific food sources, and expanding your admission of others, can assist with raising your circulatory strain. 

Drink a lot of water.4 

Drink liquids that contain useful supplements like sodium.5 

Cutoff or remove liquor admission completely.2 

Increment your salt admission. You should make a point to counsel your medical services supplier on the degree to which this ought to be done.4 

On the off chance that you have postprandial hypotension, the sort of orthostatic hypotension that happens in the wake of eating, you can take a stab at eating more modest, low-carb, meal portions.6 

At-Home Monitoring 

In the event that you can, purchase a circulatory strain understanding machine, and request that your medical care supplier show you how to utilize it.7 This will assist you with monitoring your pulse day by day, and find what's typical for you. 

By checking your circulatory strain along these lines, you will know when you should attempt to get your pulse up. You'll likewise know whether you're encountering a drop in pulse that requires going to the hospital.8 

Home Blood Pressure Monitoring 


A few medications are utilized to treat low pulse. The most ordinarily recommended of them are fludrocortisone and midodrine. 

Fludrocortisone works by expanding sodium (salt) levels and blood volume in the body.2 

Midodrine works by fixing veins, which therefore builds blood pressure9 . Midodrine is generally just utilized in patients that have constant orthostatic low circulatory strain. 

In case you are encountering serious hypotension that is connected to shock, drugs like epinephrine and norepinephrine, which work by limiting veins, might be controlled intravenously (infused into your veins). 

In the event that your low circulatory strain is brought about by a basic ailment, your medical services supplier will, as well as raising your pulse, seek after therapies for such condition. In case it's brought about by any prescription you are presently taking, your medical care supplier will change the measurement of the medicine or supplant it with another. 

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