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There are 3 405 713 people who are reported to have recovered from Covid-19 since 2020 in SA

Covid-19 has been in South Africa since 2020 and a number of things have been taking place ever since the outbreak. The good news however is that there are there are 3 405 713 people who have managed to recover from the pandemic as of Saturday evening . It shows that the health sector is managing to contain the the illnesses that have came since 2020 as a result of the virus . It is sad though , to note that there are people who have been dying since 2020 from the pandemic . Deaths have been recorded almost everyday in South Africa since 2020.

In the previous 24 to 48 hours , there were 13 people who were confirmed to have died from the pandemic in South Africa .The figure may look small , but even if the figure may be as low as one , it will be a loss to South Africa . The more than a dozen deaths that were recorded on Saturday evening took the total number of fatalities since 2020 to 94 063 . This implies that Covid-19 needs to be taken seriously , and when it is done , people in the country will guard against complacency .

Complacency includes behavior like not wearing masks , not avoiding spaces that will be overcrowded and not sanitizing . When these are not done , Covid-19 spreads quickly . Talking about the infections , South Africa recorded a total number of 3 049 new Covid-19 cases in the past 24 hours . The total number of cases that have been identified in South Africa now stands at 3 579 428 . Help reduce new infections by wearing masks when out in the public . Wearing mask is helpful in reducing chances of getting infected and infecting other people .


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