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OPINION: Why is the Government Manipulating me into getting Vaccinated with there messages.

When the vaccine was first announced in South Africa it clearly said that it would be voluntary. That people would be able to freely decide whether they want to take it or not. However recently there has been a lot of controversy over how much of a choice people have. I didn't pay much attention to it at first, thinking people were overreacting, however recently I have been bombarded by text messages from the Government that almost seems as if they are trying to scare me into taking the vaccine. Here they are, followed by what I think of them.

The messages I received :

The messages came from a user called SA_GOV. Which seems to be the South African Government, I didn't subscribe to them or ask for updates, this seems to be an automatic process of theirs.

At first it just started off as basic information, which I didn't mind but I did consider a nuisance. They didn't even provide me with a way to unsubscribe from these updates.

However the next message is what I considered a scare tactic. By telling me to protect myself and loved ones by getting vaccinated, it feels like they are implying that if I don't get vaccinated I'm not protecting my loved ones

The most recent two, showing up yesterday and today, were pretty much calls to action. Saying that now is my chance and the vaccination is free.

While many may see this as harmless, to me there wording, the fact that I can't unsubscribe and the constant messages, feels like I'm slowly being convinced and forced to take the vaccine. It feels like manipulation and it's something I don't appreciate, what do you guys think of this. Tell me in the comments and follow for information on these issues as I cover them daily.

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