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China want to mix vaccines to boost efficacy of local vaccines

China is the first country where the break out of covid19 was first heard of. It was in the city of Huwan. In the first few month of the break out, China had the highest number of the covid19 but at a later stage, they learned how to deal with the virus without having the vaccine yet.

Many country have been involved in inventing a safe effective vaccines around the world and China has been amongs those country.

However things did not go a planned as China had four vaccine candidates that have been thorough the trials. China's Center for Disease Control and Prevention has raised the prospect of mixing vaccines and varying doses to boost efficacy. This is the first time that the gorvenment body has acknowledged concerns over the effectiveness of the local vaccine.

China really thought that they have everything under control because at some stage they were even thinking of implementing a rule that will not allow travellers who have been vaccinated with their vaccine in their country and it turns out that their vaccines are not effective. So much for being over confidence.

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