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Lasizwe released statement about fake depression claims

Lasizwe Damduza was forced to explain himself after a video of him surfaced on the internet. Lasizwe shared on his Twitter page that he is not shy to speak about mental health and he said he has booked himself in a mental health facility wellness program. Fans wished him a speedy recovery only to find a video of him partying in sun city. People accused him of lying about his depression or getting paid to post such. They were wondering if he left to attend the party and going back and there were all sorts of assumptions.

Lasizwe since had to come out and release an official statement, he said the video of him doing its rounds on social media and he wanted to address it. Lasizwe said he had a choice whether to involve his fans in his mental health journey or to keep quiet about it. But he chose to share it because he wanted to show people that it is mandatory for you to take care of yourself and when to stop and take a break.

Lasizwe said left his socials with his team whilst he was in the facility and told them to post it towards the end of his stay. He said he and his team failed to mention that he was already there and it was towards the end. He said he also failed to update his fans and let them know he was out and doing well.

Lasizwe shared that he is well and has received clearance from his doctors to be back at work and he is doing better. He said he's out now, he was in sun city working and he is in good spirits.

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