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Why Genetic Engineering is Evil

The palate of today is not the palate of the past. Most of the foods we eat have been altered either through selective breeding or direct genetic tampering.

The maize starch in your soda, the soya in your bread and even the beef in your stew, it is all GMO. The carrot used to be purple, the orange colour is a mutation; a glitch of nature. Selective breeding got rid of unwanted traits like bitterness and woody cores. Fleshiness was encouraged, resulting in the fat carrot we know today.

In the book of Leviticus we read "Keep my decrees. Do not mate different kinds of animals. "'Do not plant your field with two kinds of seed." Elsewhere we read that God was pleased with creation after the 7 days, saying "it is good".

God likes creation the way it is. He designed it this way for a reashown toEvery law that governs the universe, every harmonic pattern unfolding through nature, it is unlikely that such precision is erroneous. 

Scientific studies done on genetically modified food from Monsanto, known as the most evil corporation in the world, have shown the destructive effects of these foods. Monsanto's corn, when tested on rats was shown rupture intestines. Genetically modified soy has been linked to infertility in rats. 

The science is dizzying, with experts suggesting links to everything from allergies to autism.

Research has shown that inflammation might have something to do with ageing. With the notoriety that GMOs have for causing inflammation, it goes to show how much damage could be caused by these foods.

To alter nature is to exalt oneself as a god. To change the make-up of a creature is to say that God could've done better. It is to imply that you're improving creation, that it needed tweaking. 

Let us not tamper with that which is complete. The chemical structures of organic things are whole, we mankind comes and scatters. If it isn't broke, don't fix it, you know?

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