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5 Secrets To Quickly Lose Weight Before Christmas | Opinion

1. Yogurt and Cinnamon

This power breakfast or mid-day snack is a miracle for weight loss, says Eat This Not That. The combination combines calcium, vitamin C, and antioxidants that improve insulin sensitivity. For additional benefits, look for a vitamin-D fortified yogurt.

2. Apples and peanut butter

This classic diet combo really does work. When a carbohydrate like an apple is paired with a healthy fat like peanut butter, the healthy fat digests more slowly, meaning you stay full longer and end up eating less overall.

3. Bananas and spinach

It sounds like a strange combination, but when blended together with almond-milk in a smoothie, bananas and spinach are actually quite tasty. Spinach boost safety, while the resistant starch in slightly green bananas makes you feel fuller longer and reduces abdominal fat.

4. Robot peppers and egg scramble

Eat This Not That explains eggs have a metabolism-boosting nutrient known as choline, while peppers fight fat-accumulating hormone cortisol with vitamin C. Eating this for breakfast sets your body up for a full-day of fat frying.

5. Spicy foods

Self explains spicy food increases the rate at which calories are burned. When proteins are combined with spicy foods, your body not only burns calories faster, but also stays full longer.

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