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How To Heal From A Heartbreak

Have you ever lost someone who ment heaven and earth to you?Most of us have,and what we could all agree on is that it is the most painful phase to go through

•Healing from a heartbreak is a process that needs time,and patience.You first need to accept that you've lost that good fight,but be greatful that you've had the chance to love.

•Allow yourself to feel,Pretending to be doing well while you're still hurting will only delay your healing process.

•Don't hold back tears,Let them wash away the heavy weight you're carrying in your heart.Remember that you only have one heart,Protect it by releasing everything that is weighing it down.

•Write all that you're feeling on a piece of paper

•Talk your pain away with someone you trust,or a close relative.

•Force yourself out of bed,we're living on borrowed time every minute of everyday is precious

•Focus more on improving yourself,and take part in all the things that gives you joy

•Shower yourself with love on a daily basis

•Don't forget that there was a happy you before anyone stepped in your life,and there can still be an even happier you with no-one by your side

•It is never too late to start afresh.

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